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Records of the Office of the Governor (1996-2006)


The records and publications listed in this archive are historical materials, “frozen in time.”

This means these archival pages have no longer been updated to reflect current information, and links to other sites and e-mail addresses may not work. In addition, the archival pages within this site may not reflect current web standards, including compliance with the Americans for Disabilities Act.

The E-Archives site itself does comply with Kentucky and federal standards.

These records contain web pages that appeared on the official web site of the Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of Kentucky, at various points in time during an administration. In an effort to accurately reflect the organizational structure and appearance of the website over time, periodic snapshots of the complete web site of the Governor were captured to reflect major changes. These snapshots also contain related sites, such as that of the First Lady, Lt. Governor, and the Governor's Mansion. Indexes to record series or special events that were documented on the web are also offered. These listings provide more complete documentation of specific records than snapshots alone can provide. For information about additional Governor's records in other formats, please consult the online public catalog.


Web pages from the time of the event.

Kentucky Derby Documents

This section contains posters, breakfast invitations, photos, and press releases posted on the Governor's web site at the time of or shortly after the event.

Media Events and Conferences

This section contains audio, video, and textual records related to Media Events and Press Conferences.


This section contains photos that were posted on the web. Photos are in GIF or JPEG format.

Press Releases

These were posted on the the website and/or released to the press for distribution.


This section contains the text, audio and video of speeches posted on the Governor's web site and distributed to the press.

Website Snapshots

This section contains snapshots of the governor's web site and links to Lt. Governor and the First Lady, which often have separate domains. Contains pages from few other state agency domains except those listed by the Secretary of the Cabinet.

  • Governor Ernie Fletcher

    • June 2004 - Governor Fletcher's web site after six months in office.

  • Governor Paul E. Patton
    • December 2003 - website at the end of the administration

    • August 2002 - a snapshot of the first major revision of the website, which occurred in the middle of the second Patton Administration.

    • February 1997 - a snapshot of website in the second full year of the first Patton Administration

Additional Governor's records are also available in other formats through the Archives Research Room at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, 300 Coffee Tree Rd., Frankfort Kentucky.

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Information Updated: 03/22/2011