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The 2004 Governor's Derby Breakfast

The events surrounding the 130th running of the Kentucky Derby showcased Kentucky's great tradition of thoroughbred racing. Click here to view some of the photos that captured the moments...

Ladies in hats A news paper handing out of trophies

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The Poster

Governor's Derby Breakfast poster 2004

Governorís Derby Breakfast Poster Captures Raceís Drama, Color

It is only fitting that the drama and color of the Kentucky Derby is captured in this yearís official Governorís Derby Breakfast poster. The poster features a vivid photo by famed Kentucky photographer James Archambeault.

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The Menu

TheDerby Breakfast Menu:

country ham,
scrambled eggs,
cheese grits,
fruit juices, 

Kentucky Visions 2004

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Kentucky Craft Marketing Program:

Twenty-eight juried participants of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program (KCMP) will join the festivities for the 2004 Governorís Derby Breakfast, scheduled for May 1 from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.  All activities will be held on the Capitol grounds and are free and open to the public.

KCMP craft exhibitors will line both sides of Capitol Avenue in colorful festive tents and will stay open for business until 12 noon. 

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Downtown Frankfort

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Capitol Grounds

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