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Governor Fletcher Photo Galleries 2004

Governor Fletcher's Official Portrait
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Governor Fletcher stands with a veteran in Bowling Green

Bowling Green 2004 Veterans Day Event: --November 08, 2004

Franklin Co. Farmer's Market

Franklin Co. Farmer's Market:
Governor Fletcher along with Agriculture Commissioner Farmer and Department of Parks Commissioner Ward announced a new initiative for Kentucky state parks to buy from local farmers. This announcement took place during a press conference at the Franklin Co. Farmer's Market. --August 06, 2004


Governor Fletcher and First Lady Glenna Fletcher visit the set of the Cameron Crowe movie "Elizabethtown." The location of the set was Clarks Funeral Home of Versailles, KY--July 19, 2004

Bluegrass State Games

Bluegrass State Games:
Governor Fletcher attended and gave the opening remarks at the 20th Anniversary of the Bluegrass State Games at Applebee's Park, Lexington, KY--July 16, 2004

Independence, KY Governor Fletcher at a Disaster Recovery Center Fourth of July: Governor Fletcher and First Lady Glenna Fletcher celebrated Indepence Day in many parts of Kentucky--July 4, 2004

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers:
Governor Fletcher visited the Disaster Recovery Centers--June 18, 2004

Churchill Downs

130th Kentucky Derby Events :
Photos of events surrounding the Kentucky Derby including the Pegasus Parade and the Governor's Derby Eve Gala-- May 2004

Webasto Grand Opening

Webasto Grand Opening:
Governor Ernie Fletcher joined in the Webasto grand opening in Lexington, Ky-- May 17, 2004

Dr. Linda Johnson

Ceremonial Signing of HB 627:
Governor Ernie Fletcher signed Rural Kentucky Broadband Bill HB 627 and announced economic opportunities resulting from the bill's passage- May 17, 2004

Governor Fletcher announces the selection of New West

New West Announcement:
Governor Fletcher announces the selection of New West as the agency to create a new brand for the State-- May 03, 2004

Governor Fletcher signs Minority Health Month Proclamation

Minority Health Month Signing:
Governor Ernie Fletcher signed a proclamation declaring April Minority Health Month--April 21, 2004

Press Conference at NKU

Visit to NKU:
Governor Ernie Fletcher visited Northern Kentucky University to raise awareness about the critical need for state lawmakers to pass the Kentucky Senate Budget with JOBS for Kentucky. - April 6, 2004)

Kentucky Fair and Expo Center

Visit to the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center:
Governor Fletcher visited Louisville to promote the Senate's budget which provides funding for East Wing renovation of the Fair and Expo Center. -- April 05, 2004

Hardin County certified clean

Hardin County "Certified Clean County": April 05, 2004

4-H: A Capitol Experience
Photographs of the 4-H Youth Development Program--March 9, 2004:


Hannah Hume Baird (Boone County, 1939-)

Kentucky Women Remembered :
Four Kentucky women were honored by Governor Ernie Fletcher, First Lady Glenna Fletcher, and the Kentucky Commission on Women as their portraits were unveiled as the 2004 additions to the Kentucky Women Remembered Capitol exhibit. This prestigious honor was bestowed on Hannah Hume Baird, Carolyn Bratt, the late Dr. Louise Gilman Hutchins, and Loretta Lynn.--March 5, 2004

NASA and Kentucky

New Partnership between NASA and Kentucky:
Governor Ernie Fletcher joined with representatives from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to announce a partnership on behalf of the emerging Moon/Mars initiative. The partnership will be between the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) and NASA. -- March 03, 2004

40th Anniversary of the March on Frankfort

40th Anniversary of the March on Frankfort:
March 5, 1964 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jackie Robinson led a civil rights march up Capital Avenue in Frankfort. Governor Ernie Fletcher spoke at an event celebrating the march's 40th anniversary and signed a proclamation in recognition of this historic achievement.--March 03, 2004

Ceremonial Signing of HB 108

Ceremonial Signing of HB 108:
Ceremonial Signing of HB 108- February 25, 2004

KY Music Hall of Fame

KY Music Hall of Fame :
KY Music Hall of Fame and Museum Induction and Awards Ceremony- February 19, 2004

Greater Louisville Inc. Annual Dinner

Greater Louisville Inc. Annual Dinner:
Photographs of the Greater Louisville Inc. Annual Dinner -- February 17, 2004

2004 Budget Address

2004 Budget Address:
Governor Fletcher Announces the Commonwealth's 2004 Budget- January 27, 2004

2004 State of the Commonwealth Address

2004 State of the Commonwealth Address:
Photographs from the 2004 State of the Commonwealth Address --January 13, 2004

Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony

Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony:
Photographs of the Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony 2004 -- January 10, 2004

Cattleman's Associaton Meeting

Cattleman's Association Meeting:
Photographs of the Cattleman's Association Meeting in Bowling Green -- January 10, 2004

Education -- 02/16/2004

Press Conferences:
Pictures from Governor Fletcher's press conferences

Shelby County

Check Presentations:
Governor Fletcher visits the local communities and presents checks for homeland security, local development and roads.

Additional publications are also available in other formats through the Archives Research Room at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, 300 Coffee Tree Rd., Frankfort Kentucky.

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