Press Conference to Proclaim the Month
October 1, 1998
Capitol Rotunda

Good Morning.

Today we are here on an important mission. Today we are here to say to the entire Commonwealth that the abuse of women and children in this state must end. Over the past two decades in this country, over 31,000 women have been murdered by their partners. Children under the age of 12 live in more than half of the homes where there is domestic violence.

Judi and I made a commitment when we came into office that we would address these terrible numbers and what they mean for Kentucky families. We continue that commitment today with an effort to educate the Commonwealth about domestic violence and the loss of life it causes.

Today I proclaim October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As I do that, I want to set Kentucky on an important path toward becoming a safe zone for families. From our borders, north to south and east to west, we must fight for the right of every family to be safe and secure in their homes.

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we have brought a photograph exhibit to Kentucky which we will unveil in a moment. I want to thank the Phillip Morris Company for their sponsorship of this event and for what this company is doing nationally to fund domestic violence awareness programs.

At this time, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the Co-Chair of the Governor’s Council on Domestic Violence and the Commonwealth’s First Lady, my wife, Judi.