Transcribed Remarks
Madisonville Community College
Davis Tech Building Groundbreaking
June 22, 1999

It is certainly a distinct pleasure for me to be here and celebrate with this community another major milestone in your saga of trying to provide better opportunities for your people. As important as this event is for this community, it is also symbolic of something that is very, very important to all of the state of Kentucky and that is a renewed realization of how important that education will be for our people in the future and a renewed commitment to meet the needs of our people by making education accessible and affordable to every Kentuckian regardless of where they live, regardless of what their circumstances in life might be. That was the commitment that we and the General Assembly made some two years ago as we looked at the 21st century and decided what we as a society needed to do to make that better.

Certainly I want to acknowledge the support of the many members of the General Assembly that have supported education in Kentucky, not just Eddie Ballard and Brent Yonts but all the other members of the General Assembly that have represented this area. They are the ones that have made the commitment on behalf of the people of Kentucky and it’s up to them, on your behalf, to live up to that commitment and I know that as we approach other sessions of the General assembly, that’s going to happen just as it did in the ‘98 session, where the state appropriated money to complete this facility, but again the leadership came from this community. Let me say that my funding of about half of this project, this community has gone above and beyond the call of duty, but this is a community that understands how important education is going to be in the future.

Certainly the Joe C. Davis foundation had a big part in this. I remember over three years ago, Dick Frymire and other leaders of the community, came to us late in that session of the General Assembly to talk about this gift and try to get the state to match it and it was just a little bit too late in the process. But at that time, we did make a commitment to give this project the very highest priority as we came in to the ‘98 session of the General Assembly and fortunately that was a higher education session and we were able to not only meet this commitment but to do what was necessary to make sure that this program moved forward and was completed with all the necessities, the furniture and the fixtures it’s going to take to make it a high class facility.

So, it is important to this community and it’s important to the state. There’s lots of people that deserve credit, I see Senator Adams out there who just came and Senator Adams, I know, is going to be just as strong a supporter of education in this part of the state as Senator Nelson was. He’s going to be a great senator advocating for this part of the state and for all of the state as the other members of the General Assembly that you have in Frankfort representing you are doing.

This is an important occasion and a lot of people deserve thanks, but more than anything, it’s this community that deserves the credit. You all are the ones that have placed the emphasis on education and I want to commend you for that. And I also want to compliment the leaders of this community for the discussions that are underway about combining the administrative functions of our community colleges and our technical colleges. Because when I hear people talking that way, I understand that I’ve got people who’s primary motive is getting the job done. And not mixed up in terms about who does what. Let us figure out a way that whoever can do it the best, the most efficient, is charged with the task. Because the task is so much bigger than the resources that are available, we just simply can’t afford to waste resources on duplicative administration or turf battles. I compliment the leaders of the community that are discussing that you can deliver, make the institutions that you have deliver services more efficient and I’m confident that those talks will result in a more efficient structure providing services to the people of this community. Those are the kinds of things that take leadership and those are the things that leaders do. It begins with the people that work together. The person that I’m going to introduce has demonstrated that kind of leadership over the years in Kentucky. Although he presently serves as the leader of this county as county judge/executive, he has in fact, exercised leadership in the General Assembly, as the adjutant general of Kentucky and in many other capacities. It was General Frymire that led the delegation to Frankfort some three years ago and began talking about this facility and it is General Frymire that has led the Partners in Progress fundraising campaign which has allowed this community to be such as active partner in this project. So, it is with great pleasure I present to you not only your county judge executive but the leader of your community, Judge Richard Frymire.