Press Conference with Vice-President Al Gore
Announcement of the V-NET System
July 18, 1998

First, it is a great pleasure to welcome the Vice President of the United States to the Commonwealth.

I personally appreciate his support of the efforts we have undertaken in Kentucky to protect women, children and families.

Judi and I take pride in ensuring that this Commonwealth remains a leader in the country in protecting families from the crime of domestic violence.

Kentucky has worked hard over the last two years to enforce domestic violence orders from other states and to build a system so that victims from our state have that same protection when they travel across state lines.

These efforts not only mean safety for victims and their children, they mean that battered women will have the same freedom we all have to live, to travel, and to care for their families.

Our efforts have made us a model for the country, and the Vice President’s announcement earlier today of additional grant funds means we will continue in that role.

Exactly one year ago today on July 18, 1997, I stood on the steps of the Capitol and announced that Kentucky had completed the country’s first statewide automated victim notification system.

With our announcement earlier today, Kentucky will again step out front in the nation in our use of technology to benefit victims of crime.

Kentucky will now create a computer network to link every victim advocate in the state - - those in prosecutors’ offices, rape crisis centers, spouse abuse shelters and child protection agencies.

Through this network, which we are calling the V-NET System, advocates will be able for the first time to directly access Kentucky’s victim notification system to locate where a dangerous offender is incarcerated or to register a victim to be notified.

V-NET will also give advocates immediate access to information they need to assist victims - information like where the nearest protective shelter is; how our law can protect a child; where a forensic rape exam can be done; and much more.

With the V-NET System, we are putting the tools of automation in the hands of those who provide some of Kentucky’s most critical services.

With these two new projects, we work to save the lives of children; to spare women from violence; and to give all citizens the chance to live free from the fear of harm.